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July, 2016

The Massachusetts Auctioneers Association was represented by six of our members at the recent 2016 NAA Conference & Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our current President: Roland Draper, Vice-President: Michael Chambers, Secretary: Nichole Pirro, Director: Sara Adams, along with Daniel Stanavage and Michael Riggins were all in attendance at this National Auctioneers Association event.
Three of these members: Michael Chambers, Daniel Stanavage and Michael Riggins competed in the IAC Competition and all three did an absolutely outstanding job. We are very proud to have them representing our Association.
We also had three members participate in NAA hosted educational sessions. Chambers and Riggins participated in a 2-Part LIVE Fast Talking Podcast, which can be found right here, if you have any interest in listening in.
132: How to Break into the Auto Auction Industry
133: How to Sustain in the Auto Auction Industry
Adams sat in on a very interesting panel discussion titled “Forecasting by the Millennials”, regarding what they see as the future of the Auction Industry.
Michael Chambers and Sara Adams also helped with the NAA’s Auxiliary Fund live appeal. They both prove to be great assets to the NAA and to our own MAA!
Thank you to all for your continued patronage to our Association and for helping with the networking and building of relationships between Auctioneers all over the country.
Your endeavors are greatly appreciated!


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