MAA General Business Meeting
Monday, April 2nd 6:00pm


Special Meeting Segment:
How To Avoid Appraisal Liability”

An Interactive Discussion With Expert Mr. Roger Durkin of Durkin
Valuation Consultants, Boston, MA.


How to Avoid Appraisal Liability

The appraisal business can be lucrative, but mis-steps can lead to liability and financial disaster!  Roger Durkin, a highly regarded expert in valuations, an attorney, auctioneer and appraiser will deliver an interactive informative seminar involving the proper components of appraisal composition.  Roger will inform the attendees of some of the common mistakes and how to avoid incurring liability as an appraiser.  A compelling speaker with a wealth of real world experience, Roger will capture your interest and enhance your knowledge.  Don't miss this important and highly informative MAA business meeting. 

Selection of Our New Official Logo

As many know, by popular vote of the membership, the MAA has recently changed its legal name from the former, Massachusetts “STATE” Auctioneer’s Association, (as we were chartered in 1964) to just simply the “Massachusetts Auctioneers Association”. Part of the new branding will include the adopting of a new official logo. Please participate in the procurement of our new identity by helping to select our new logo by casting your vote for your favorite graphic at the upcoming business meeting.


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As always Guests and Non Members are invited.
We look forward to networking with everyone!

Stephen D. Paulin Sr. MAA President

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